Why study at Ryerson University, hosted by The Universities of Canada?

You can check out what makes Ryerson unique here: https://why.ryerson.ca/

There are also many reasons to study at Ryerson Cairo:

  • National and International rankings based on the university’s overall quality and individual program excellence.
  • All students who qualify will graduate with a Canadian degree as if he/she has spent years of study at the Toronto Campus.
  • World-class faculty provide instruction (approximately 50% of the faculty are Canadian).
  • Students are exposed to unique academic programs that focus on current market needs.
  • Students can build a strong foundation of knowledge, enrich their academic and personal experiences as well as define a clear career path.
  • Industries in Egypt & Canada, through projects, are an integral part of the curriculum.
  • The environment is diverse and provides a high-quality educational experience for both students and professors.

Check out all the information about our offered programs here: https://ryerson.uofcanada.edu.eg/