What is the Ranking of Ryerson University?

Ryerson continues to be recognized globally for its academic programming, scholarly, research and creative (SRC) activities, and innovation. Here is an overview of the university’s most recent rankings:

Other Facts

  1. The University's headquarters is in the heart of Toronto, which is the largest city in Canada in terms of population and the capital of the province of Ontario, which is the economic capital of Canada.
  2. About 39,000 students are enrolled at the Bachelor’s level; 2,600 at the postgraduate student level and 12,000 in continuing education.   Ryerson University consistently ranks amongst the most competitive universities in the province of Ontario and ranks tenth overall of universities in Canada in terms of the number of students enrolled.
  3. Ryerson University is the headquarters for the largest business school in Canada, the Ted Rogers School of Management, a leader in entrepreneurship education and one of the largest entrepreneurship programs in Canada. The university also includes the third-largest Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, as well as the Faculty of Arts which includes eleven departments in the humanities and social sciences areas. These programs play a unique role in the university through the programs it offers. The Creative School also includes research and advisory centers and entrepreneurship programs. The Faculty of Community Service activates the intersection of mind and action by a commitment across its disciplines to social change. Its vision is to engage with communities to challenge the status quo and enable meaningful change. Lastly, the Faculty of Science, which is a fairly young faculty, is nimble in designing research and academic programs to meet the latest needs of the complex and ever-changing world.
  4. Ryerson University is ranked 12th in the University Rankings in Canada for 2020:
  5. Ryerson University is ranked first in the world in the classification of university business incubators. Known as the “DMZ”, this incubator is recognized for entrepreneurship based on its ability to successfully develop entrepreneurship companies.
    (within 10 years, established 424 companies with a total value of about $ 715 million. (UBI Global Report) - https://ubi-global.com/wbs1718/
  6. In the scientific research field, Ryerson University was ranked as the best university in Canada in the undergraduate category (BA) in terms of obtaining research revenues as well as producing scientific publications from 2001-2015.
  7. Ryerson University ranked No. 453 on the list of world universities in 2020.

and also ranked # 601—800

  1. The Fashion Program in Ryerson University ranked one of the top ten programs in the world.



Cairo is expected to be an advanced center in the fashion industry in the Middle East, once the UofCanada gains approval for this program to be offered through the branch campus of Ryerson University, hosted by the Universities of Canada in Egypt.

  1. Ryerson University ranked No. 101-150 in the fields of art and design.


It is intended that the Cairo campus of Ryerson University will offer a number of unique programs that are distinguished by innovation and creativity; it will be the only one in Egypt that offers such programs classified as the best in their fields at the Canadian and international level.