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What funding options do you have for the UPEI MBA program?

UPEI Cairo Campus offers several scholarships and bursaries for MBA graduate students.

Students can be awarded up to, but not exceeding, 25% of their tuition in funding combinations. Each student case will be reviewed and granted separately by the Graduate Scholarship Review Committee


The options highlighted below, with suggested payment plans, are:

  • Merit Based Scholarship: 20%
  • Group Bursary (2 or more friends or colleagues joining): 5%
  • Legacy Bursary (proof of relation to an MBA alumni): 5%
  • Student Ambassador Award, deducted from final installment: 5%

Students may combine several of the scholarship opportunities, so long as the overall deduction does not exceed 25% of the total tuition cost. 


Merit Based Scholarship 

  • 20% Merit Based scholarships will be granted based on one or more of the achievements below: 

    • Having over 5 years working experience post-grad; or, 

    • Achieving a GMAT score of 570 or above; or, 

    • Having an undergraduate / master’s level grade average of 80% or above. 

  • All cases must present evidence of one of the above achievements, which will be reviewed and approved by the Graduate Scholarship Review Committee.

Group Bursary

  • 5% tuition discount will be applied for group of 2 or more who apply for the program together. 

Legacy Bursary

  • 5% tuition discount will be applied for a new applicant can prove that they are related to an Alumni of the UPEI MBA Program. Acceptable relations include: 

    • Family members, with proof of relation 

    • Work colleagues, with proof of same employer 

    • Friends, with a signed letter from the alumnus confirming the relationship 

Student Ambassador Award 

  • 5% Award taken off the final payment for Student Ambassadors. These ambassadors should be able to prove that they have represented the program well – such as by writing testimonials, representing the program at events, or helping with recruitment.


If you have any questions about scholarships, please contact us at graduateadmissions@uofcanada.edu.eg