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  2. Master of Business Administration

What courses are offered in the UPEI MBA?

MBA students complete 14 courses as well as an “MBA Skills Orientation Module” at the beginning of the program.

Required Courses:

    • BUS6500 MBA Skills Orientation Module
    • BUS6510 Global Leadership and Ethics
    • BUS6520 Negotiation within and across Cultures
    • BUS6530 Financial and Managerial Accounting
    • BUS6540 Financial Management
    • BUS6550 Management and Organizational Behaviour
    • BUS6560 International Marketing Management
    • BUS6570 International Operations Management
    • BUS6580 Statistics and Business Analytics
    • BUS6590 Project Management
    • BUS6600 Strategy for the Global Organization
    • BUS6610 International Capstone Project

Plus 3 Elective Courses (selection depends on availability)

    • BUS7510 Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
    • BUS 7520 Disruptive Technologies and Creative Business Thinking
    • BUS7530 Global Banking and Capital Markets
    • BUS7540 Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Management 
    • BUS7550 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Global Business Environment
    • BUS7560 International Trade and Finance
    • BUS7570 Managing People and Teams in a Global Context
    • BUS7580 Future of Marketing
    • BUS7590 Impact of Climate Change on Business
    • BUS7950 Special Topics in Business