Once you have been accepted by TMU Cairo, what documents are required to complete your admission process?

After paying your Tuition Deposit, you are required to submit the following official documents in person on Campus in the New Administrative Capital:

List of Required Original, Officially Verified/Certified Documents:

  • High school transcript(s), certificate(s) and/or examination result(s) for Grades 9,10,11&12.

  • Proof of 12 years of study

  • Official, satisfactory English language proficiency test results OR an official letter/transcript from your school stating that you have completed at least four years of full-time study in a school where English is the primary language of instruction

  • Original birth certificate

  • A copy of your passport and Personal national ID.

  • A personal photo 4x6 (x2)

  • Medical Report (CBC blood test or medical check-up) and HIV test

  • Copy of Medical Insurance Card (If available)

  • Military forms 2 and 6 (Egyptian males only)

Note: Non-English High School certificates are to be officially translated by a verified translation center. Non-Egyptian (international) High School certificates are to be stamped by the Ministry of Education and/or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.