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What are the Tuition Fees for our programs?

Undergraduate Tuition Fees for Fall 2020-2021

*Fees are calculated on the number of credit hours per year.

**Additional Engineering Professional & Lab Fees are $1100 CAD paid every year ($550 CAD 
per semester).
***When required by your professor, there may be additional charges for textbooks.


Graduate Tuition Fees for 2020-2021

UPEI MBA in Global Leadership

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*Tuition payment plans are based off a 4 semester (16 month) program delivery. 
**Tuition fees will be paid in 4 installments, one per academic semester.
***Tuition fees may not include other associated fees. Tuition fees may be subject to change.

For more information on Graduate Tuition Fees, please contact: graduateadmissions@uofcanada.edu.eg